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Forest School

We are very excited that this summer (2021) we are adding our ‘Forest School’ into the FizzBug club being held at Wheatfields School in St Albans. More info to follow but if you would like to be added to our mailing list to be kept up to date on our Forest Sch plans please email kate@FizzBug.co.uk and we will add you to our list.

A little taster….
Exploring the magic of nature and empowering children to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects in the great outdoors. Our Forest School will provide children have all the tools they need to become a true nature detective. Identifying trees and plants, bug catching and understanding which plants are needed for wildlife to flourish are all taught in our Forest School. Part of the adventure is learning new skills and this will include making bug and bird houses amongst other things! If you child loves the outdoors, then Forest School is for you.

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This club is available at all 3 holiday club sites.
Grove Junior School, Dark Lane, Harpenden, AL5 1QA
Crabtree School, Crabtree Lane, Harpenden, AL5 5PU
Wheatfields School, Downes Rd, St Albans AL4 9NT

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Exploring the magic of nature and empowering children to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects within the school.

What our community says

Our children have always enjoyed Fizzbugs, but this summer with the tents and focus on outdoor play has been brilliant – thank you for making such a huge effort, our girls LOVED it! Matt Martel

I was very impressed in the way in which Kate and the team handled the holiday club during these unprecedented times. A real testament to how a community can pull together to help each other. Well done team Fizz bugs! Anisha Koshal

Thomas adored everyday at FizzBug’s, he didn’t tell me much after the day but was so happy and just so excited to return every other day. Really appreciated the convince of drop off when it was raining , you waited at gate so we didn’t have to unload all our children. (twins and a 2yr old) Siobhan Pollard

This club was a godsend and helped me get on with work knowing my son was having a great time and well looked after! Thank you! Carolyn McKay

I was so grateful that Fizzbug was running over the summer and we really appreciated all the hard work that had gone into the social distancing and bubbles. My daughters really loved Fizzbug and enjoyed the variety of activities and meeting new children. Samantha Sawyer

Fizzbugs put on an amazing set up this year under very challenging circumstances. They excelled themselves with the look and feel of the camp making it look like a mini festival. I rather fancied going myself! Thanks so much to all of you for making the summer months easier to work whilst keeping the children entertained and doing something different Vicky Ellis

Amazing organisational skills of the crew at Fizzbugs meant my son had a great time despite the current restrictions in place. It’s also great to see such efforts being made to use sustainable products. Melanie McWilliams

The camp meant very happy children and very happy parents. Great effort made by the team to make the camp happen, and it was excellent! Inna Banks

We haven’t been to Fizzbug before and didn’t really know what to expect especially in the current climate. From the moment we arrived we were impressed and our girls were excited-and it didn’t disappoint! Our girls have been to several holiday clubs and this definitely a favourite and we will be coming back! Thank you 😊 Karen Standen

Our child really enjoyed his summer at fizzbugs. It was very well organised despite the new measures that needed to be implemented. Would not hesitate to use Fizzbug again. Christina Dodd