Providing childcare support to families when their schools can not

Fun-focused sports, nutrition quizzes, recipe ideas, leadership tasks and creative games. We offer a range of non-skilled, fun and fully inclusive games. At FizzBug we offer a variety of activities which include yoga, cookery school, trapeze circus school, pottery classes, football, outdoor explorer's and performing arts.

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Holiday Clubs

Our holiday clubs run throughout every school holiday for children age 3-11 at various venues across Harpenden and St Albans including The Grove and Crabtree. Book a full or 3/4 day of fun. Please visit our FAQ’s section to find out how we continue to keep our children and team COVID safe.

Running at Crabtree & Grove in Harpenden, FizzBug can be booked as 3/4 or full day and for as many days as needed. FizzBug provides exciting and creative opportunities for children to learn new skills and enjoy themselves whilst getting fitter! We create engaging sessions so that children have the ability to become part of a ‘Club’ and ‘Team’. It helps to build confidence, make new friends, and learn to work with others to achieve goals. Our fun packed days include a variety of sports, games, crafts, Forest School activities, performing arts and cookery.

3/4 days (0900-1500) and full days (0830-1730). The club is suitable for 3 years + but we ask that 3 year olds are used to being in a ‘club’ environment. Please call if you wish to discuss the suitability.

FizzBug Holiday Clubs are not only a way of providing childcare support to families when their schools can not, but they also support the work that teachers in those schools have done during the term-time. At our club we offer a choice to 3 different types of activities, FizzBug, football fun and our cookery school.

The camps will consist of a combination of fun-focused sports, nutrition quizzes, recipe ideas, leadership tasks and creative games. We offer a range of non-skilled, fun and fully inclusive games including activities such as human noughts and crosses and the shuttlecock challenge, each testing co-ordination and team work. These fun challenges keep motivation high and all of the children receive certificates for their efforts, which helps to promote confidence and a sense of achievement. FizzBug provides exciting and creative opportunities for children to learn new skills and enjoy themselves whilst getting fitter! We create engaging sessions so that children have the ability to become part of a ‘Club’ and ‘Team’. It helps to build confidence, make new friends, and learn to work with others to achieve goals. Whether your child loves or loathes sport, they will be fans and willingly participate.

All children that take part in our FizzBug Holiday Clubs get fully involved and where we can, we involve parents and carers too. We help choose and design a programme that will improve their fitness and well-being and to assist them in making friends, developing confidence and leadership skills – and bonding with the rest of the group.

Football Fun
Our super enthusiastic Leaders provide fantastic football training teaching to perform simple drills, striking the ball correctly, beating your opponent and developing the confidence to try something new. Weather dependant, FizzBug football fun will run every day. Our Leaders love football as much as your children do and are chosen to work at FizzBug because of their energy, boundless amounts of encouragement and ability to create great sportsmanship for all buddy players. We welcome players of all abilities at our club.

You can book a full day 0830-1730 or a 3/4 day which is from 0900-1500. Our full day hours are flexible, so if you want to pick up after 1500 but before 1730, you are welcome to do this. We will ask you your pick up time when you drop off in the morning.

Cookery School
Children love to create, bake and make! Learning how to prepare healthy meals is a skill that will guide them right through to adulthood. We will be baking, creating, trying great new and exciting healthy snacks and quick nutritious meals. You can mix and match your days with the Holiday Club. Pricing includes ingredients and decorating products. In the FizzBug Cookery School children will make snacks to take home using healthier ingredients. They will be taught basic cooking techniques and how to cook a variety of savoury dishes; many that they’ll be able to replicate from memory at home. The ingredients used will be locally sourced, responsibly sourced, free range and organic wherever possible. It is amazing how the children will be adventurous and add healthy vegetables and ingredients to their baking.

We can adapt all our classes to suit any dietary requirement.

FizzBug Spanish Club – Learn Spanish
We’ve had this one under wraps for a little while, but we’re delighted to announce the launch of FizzBug’s very own Spanish club! Are you finally getting away on holiday this year? Maybe you’re heading off to a sunny beach in Majorca or San Sebastian? Well we’ve decided to offer the children the chance to learn basic Spanish skills, such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying ice cream and all the basic vocabulary they can use when jetting off for some much needed sun and sea!

We’ll be running fully interactive sessions where the children can learn all things Spain, from dancing, singing, arts & crafts and maybe evening cooking! This is all about learning another language in an unforgettable way!

Dates for summer are to be confirmed and will run at Grove Junior School.

Club – Get creative at FizzBug’s very own art club!
We’ve absolutely loved seeing the children get creative at our clubs over the years, and that’s why we’re putting on a dedicated art club this Easter! This is for anyone who loves all things arts and crafts, and we’ll be offering painting, 3D modelling, drawing and much more! At FizzBug we love to see children grow their confidence and abilities across all of the activities that we offer, so this club is for all abilities with a range of sessions planned . Anyone that comes to FizzBug with an interest in arts and crafts can leave as a brand new little artist!

The club runs at Crabtree Primary School

Outdoor Explorer’s
Our famous Outdoor Explorer Club is back. So loved by all that attend, we have included short sessions into our FizzBug club. As life has gone back to normal we have been passionate about letting children explore the outdoor world with their friends, and having fun whilst doing so! Our FizzBug Outdoor Explorer sessions are all about exploring the magic of nature and empowering children to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects in a practical and fun environment that explains the basics of wildlife exploration, ensuring children have all the tools they need to become a true nature detective. So if your child is a lover of the great outdoors, they will enjoy these getting involved in activities such as bird house making, nordic weaving, and toy making!

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This club is available at all 3 holiday club sites.

Grove Junior School, Dark Lane, Harpenden, AL5 1QA
Crabtree School, Crabtree Lane, Harpenden, AL5 5PU

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At a glance

Whether you are both working parents looking for some childcare that your children will love or a fun holiday club that they’ll never want to leave, or you would just want your child to get out and get fit, then the FizzBug is for you!

What our community says

S and N had such a brilliant time last week. S was a bit hesitant to go as she had been home for several months, N was just going with the flo. When i picked them up on Wednesday they were both glowing. Nos first words were ‘mummy that was the best camp ever!”. S said she had a wonderful time to and wanted to come back the next day. They absolutely loved it. I hope to book some more (if you have availability). You and your team certainly do an amazing job. Thank you.

I just wanted to say the kids said the ‘club was epic today, even better than it normally is’. They loved the small groups and wearing t-shirts and want to come everyday! – Esther

Our children have always enjoyed Fizzbugs, but this summer with the tents and focus on outdoor play has been brilliant – thank you for making such a huge effort, our girls LOVED it! Matt Martel

I was very impressed in the way in which Kate and the team handled the holiday club during these unprecedented times. A real testament to how a community can pull together to help each other. Well done team Fizz bugs! Anisha Koshal

Thomas adored everyday at FizzBug’s, he didn’t tell me much after the day but was so happy and just so excited to return every other day. Really appreciated the convince of drop off when it was raining , you waited at gate so we didn’t have to unload all our children. (twins and a 2yr old) Siobhan Pollard

This club was a godsend and helped me get on with work knowing my son was having a great time and well looked after! Thank you! Carolyn McKay

I was so grateful that Fizzbug was running over the summer and we really appreciated all the hard work that had gone into the social distancing and bubbles. My daughters really loved Fizzbug and enjoyed the variety of activities and meeting new children. Samantha Sawyer

Fizzbugs put on an amazing set up this year under very challenging circumstances. They excelled themselves with the look and feel of the camp making it look like a mini festival. I rather fancied going myself! Thanks so much to all of you for making the summer months easier to work whilst keeping the children entertained and doing something different Vicky Ellis

Amazing organisational skills of the crew at Fizzbugs meant my son had a great time despite the current restrictions in place. It’s also great to see such efforts being made to use sustainable products. Melanie McWilliams

The camp meant very happy children and very happy parents. Great effort made by the team to make the camp happen, and it was excellent! Inna Banks