Q Where will you be running FizzBug Holiday Club?
A The Grove Infant and Junior School’s, Dark Lane, Harpenden

Q My child doesn’t attend The Grove. Can they still attend?
A Yes

Q Will you stagger drop offs and pickups?
A Yes. This will enable us to keep congestion to a minimum. In addition, there will be separate drop off and collection points too.

Q What is the process from entering to during/for activities, to leaving?
A Your children will be met by their team leaders at your allocated drop off time. They will then be taken to their FizzBug bubble (bubbles are explained below). The day will be split into various activities, which will include Outdoor Explorer’s, arts & crafts, FizzBug games, skilled and non-skilled games. We hope to add cookery but this is still work in progress. Those that sign up to football (once booked) will be in our football training camp bubble. (One of our football leaders starts training at Arsenal in September!!) Snacks and lunch will happen at the allocated bubble and in the same groups.

Q Can the programme be shown on Facebook so I know what the timetable is and what the kids will be doing and when?
A We will happily share our planned activities for the day. Days will also differ and this could be because of the weather or those attending. As much as we would like to share every moment planned, our priority will be having a happy, fun and safe and adaptable time. Plans are great and these will be in place but we also pride ourselves on the ability to adjust and at short notice.

Q Will staff be kitted out in PPE and does my child need to wear a mask?
A No, the staff do not need to wear masks. The decision is theirs to make but the majority, if not all, will not be wearing masks. You child does not need to wear a mask.

Q How are bubbles decided and how do kids stay in same bubbles when they go on different days?
A Our booking system and survey (sent to parents once booked) enable us to create the bubbles. Our protective measures, as outlined in the DfE guidance are in place to help reduce the risk of transmission. It is crucial that we maintain our bubbles to minimise risk of transmission and so our bubbles will not mix between groups. For this reason, we ask that you do not send your child to different holiday clubs but stick to the same consistently. If you didn’t receive our survey or would like one to be sent, please email kate@fizzbug.co.uk

Q How many are in a bubble?
A 10-16

Q How many staff to children ratio?
A 1 member of staff to 8 children plus ‘runner’ staff to help out at sanitiser stations, toilet monitors and cleaning.

Q Can my children be together at all times?
A Yes, if you would like your children in the same bubble, we can make this happen. Please add this information to your survey.

Q Will the children be spoken to and reminded about hygiene etc at beginning of each day
A Yes, we have always reminded children about hygiene and this is a constant practise in our cookery school. We are so ‘hot’ on this already, this will be an easy task. We also have ‘hygiene monitors’ in addition to their bubble leaders, each bubble with have hand sanitising equipment and we will ensure regular handwashing.

Q What activities will they be doing?
A FizzBug games, skilled and non-skilled ball games ie tennis, badminton, archery, arts & crafts, singing and dancing, hula hooping, skipping, football, Outdoor Explorers, den making, bug hotel creating and hopefully cookery! This is still work in progress but we are finding a way to make this fun and safe …. Watch this space!

Q The ¾ day is the same cost as a full day. Is this correct?
A Yes, for this summer. To enable our booking system to accurately keep within ‘bubble’ numbers, we have added 2 options. ¾ day FizzBug and full day FizzBug. As we will be working to staggered drop offs and pickups (even is restrictions are relaxed), staff are needed for the full duration. We did not want to increase our costs this summer and so decided this was the best solution. Our additional activities to FizzBug normally have a £3 surcharge, which we have taken off.

Q Can I apply a sibling discount?
A As above, we have not wanted to pass on any of our additional costs and so keeping all we can at an even price.

Q If I want to cancel my booking, will I be charged?
A Previously, we have always refunded places booked and then not needed, even if on the day. However, this summer, as places are restricted, we are asking for one week’s notice. If less than one week, if we are not able to fill the place, the full amount will be charged.

Q Can I use tax credits or childcare vouchers and when do I need to make payment?
A Yes, when you reserve, your invoice will give you all details needed. Please make payment one week prior to your start dates.

Q Do I need to provide snacks and a packed lunch?
A Yes please plus a water bottle. We will refill for them during the day.

Q How will you be able to ensure children are not crossing bubbles?
A Easy, we are colour coding each bubble and providing your child with a t-shirt that matches. Then we can spot any mixed colours instantly! We will ask that you wash and use each time you come this summer.

Q These are new times for you all. Will your staff be ok with the changes?
A Yes. We have a very robust risk assessment in place and have full staff training prior to our opening.

Q My children have loved coming before but with the changes, do you feel you can still run safely and have fun?
A 100% If we had any doubt on any front, we would have made the decision not to run. The safety of your children, our children and our team will always be at the forefront but we know how to have fun! Working collaboratively with the School and following DfE guidelines, we have used ‘lockdown’ to develop our delivery and club and every aspect has been regarded.

Q If restrictions relax further, will you relax your rules?
A No. We will stick at what we know and our plans are the best way to keep all safe.

What our community says
Your views

We really enjoyed yesterday. It was a fab party and I really appreciated being able to chill with friends whilst you entertained. Thank you – DP

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As a Head of School, I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with FizzBugs. This summer is the first time we have used it and will continue to. Everything has been excellent, including safeguarding (which is always nice for an organisation to hear!) All of my three have had a great time everyday and particularly enjoyed the cooking. – LJ

Your views

Oliver had a wonderful time as did his friends. We had so many compliments about the party. Thank you once again – JM

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Georgia had a fab day at the FizzBug Cookery School today. The pear & ginger loaf/jam tarts/oatcakes she made were delicious too! Thank you!

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My two had a totally brilliant day with you on Monday! They were both full of enthusiasm for all the fun they had and learning from the day. Such great value, thank you Team FizzBug!! – Kim

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My two lovely kids are absolutely having the best time this week at the Fizz Bug club in Harpenden, they have both said it’s the best holiday club they have been too, I cannot recommend highly enough, thank you so much – Helen

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Scarlett LOVED FizzBugs and we will return. Thank you so much xxxx