At FizzBug we educate children, their parents and their teachers. We do this by forging close relationships with the network of local schools we work with, offering wrap around care and holiday camps. All our sessions always include enjoyable and inclusive physical education as well as healthy eating and nutrition, with a big ‘FUN’ factor!

FizzBug programmes always teach respect for others and respect for oneself. The children build and develop emotional confidence and leadership skills, which reap benefits in a whole-of-life sense, not just in the gym or on the sports field. Designed to fit within the required curriculum, the nutritional education and cooking combined with the fizz-ical activities reach out to the entire family. FizzBug is about forming habits in childhood that last a lifetime!

Our sessions include everything from cookery and performing arts, to multi-sports, crafts and even exploring a forest! Currently our clubs are running at The Grove schools and The Crabtree schools (Harpenden) and Wheatfields Junior School, St Albans. FizzBug believes in and promotes the Olympic and Paralympic values of Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.

We are growing our offering all the time with new venues so watch this space!

Children are the Future

FizzBug is squarely aimed at addressing the growing health issues that face our children (and their families).

FizzBug is a campaigning organisation. Statistics show that the number of children who are obese is growing – indeed it has more than tripled in England over the past 25 years; at FizzBug we have a great deal to be passionate about as we combat this concerning trend. We aim to educate the youngest members of our society in healthy eating, sensible but enjoyable food, good nutrition without expense, and fun fitness. We do this in a way that inspires and engages, laying solid foundations for a healthy future – and the future of generations to come.


Kate has lived in Harpenden for most of her life and is a resourceful fundraising and event management professional with a 20+ year’s verifiable track record in organising, funding as well as managing the events and the clients – from proposal to delivery.

Kate and Mark have delivered courses all over the country including Newcastle, Hertfordshire, Devon and Cornwall running fun kid’s activity days and sessions which included such activities as Woodland Adventures, Assault Courses, it’s a knock out, Team building, Problem Solving Activity Puzzles as well as General Circuit Training.

They have been running Arts & Crafts plus the very popular Cookery School at after-school and holiday clubs; delivering school Change for Life programmes, anti-bullying, team building and leadership programmes all of which are bespoke to the individual school, depending on the school’s needs.


Mark enjoyed a 22 year career in the Royal Navy during which time he completed two tours of duty in the Falkland Islands and travelled the world extensively. His passion was to play for the RN Hockey Team and also played football and rugby at Command level. Mark qualified as a Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor in 1989 after being selected to undergo the selection process followed by a 6 month physical and mentally demanding course. He was then selected to join the Physical Training Staff at HMS Raleigh the Royal Navy’s New Entry Training Establishment. On leaving the Service, driven to make a difference, he set up a successful ‘Fit BootCamp’ business aimed at the corporate market, but came to realise as a parent that his true motivation lay in promoting life-time fitness and behaviour-change in young people.

Kate and Mark’s experience includes running bespoke programmes for McAfee, PWC, Wrigley’s, Chicks Charity, Heel & Toe Charity, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership, CaterEd Plymouth, and the Mirror Group Biggest Loser Competition, the latter of which included families and 7 schools in Plymouth.

What our community says

S and N had such a brilliant time last week. S was a bit hesitant to go as she had been home for several months, N was just going with the flo. When i picked them up on Wednesday they were both glowing. Nos first words were ‘mummy that was the best camp ever!”. S said she had a wonderful time to and wanted to come back the next day. They absolutely loved it. I hope to book some more (if you have availability). You and your team certainly do an amazing job. Thank you.

I just wanted to say the kids said the ‘club was epic today, even better than it normally is’. They loved the small groups and wearing t-shirts and want to come everyday! – Esther

Our children have always enjoyed Fizzbugs, but this summer with the tents and focus on outdoor play has been brilliant – thank you for making such a huge effort, our girls LOVED it! Matt Martel

I was very impressed in the way in which Kate and the team handled the holiday club during these unprecedented times. A real testament to how a community can pull together to help each other. Well done team Fizz bugs! Anisha Koshal

Thomas adored everyday at FizzBug’s, he didn’t tell me much after the day but was so happy and just so excited to return every other day. Really appreciated the convince of drop off when it was raining , you waited at gate so we didn’t have to unload all our children. (twins and a 2yr old) Siobhan Pollard

This club was a godsend and helped me get on with work knowing my son was having a great time and well looked after! Thank you! Carolyn McKay

I was so grateful that Fizzbug was running over the summer and we really appreciated all the hard work that had gone into the social distancing and bubbles. My daughters really loved Fizzbug and enjoyed the variety of activities and meeting new children. Samantha Sawyer

Fizzbugs put on an amazing set up this year under very challenging circumstances. They excelled themselves with the look and feel of the camp making it look like a mini festival. I rather fancied going myself! Thanks so much to all of you for making the summer months easier to work whilst keeping the children entertained and doing something different Vicky Ellis

Amazing organisational skills of the crew at Fizzbugs meant my son had a great time despite the current restrictions in place. It’s also great to see such efforts being made to use sustainable products. Melanie McWilliams

The camp meant very happy children and very happy parents. Great effort made by the team to make the camp happen, and it was excellent! Inna Banks

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